Many advantages

in a single solution

In the case you have difficulties to bring your dog outside. It has an enormous hygienic value because it allows not to spread organic liquids into the environment. It is a very useful tool also outdoors because of obvious hygienic reasons (no urine leakage into the environment) and of practicality.

Regarding the medical and veterinary field, it is certainly an excellent innovative tool to be used for the collection of urine for medical laboratory analysis. In this way, this object presents a notable value also in the scientific field, in medical diagnostic procedures in the care of pets.

It is not always easy to take urine from a dog, this sanitary device allows you to get urine without any effort, with huge benefits in terms of practicality and welfare of the dog.

Improve your dog’s welfare

Holding physiological needs is not healthy for the animal. The special use of the sanitary device allows the dog to to pee freely, not having to comply with the exit times.

Definitive and economic solution

Washable and usable until wear, the sanitary device will safeguard your home environment from your doggie’s pee.

Useful for veterinarians

Its revolutionary shape with the bowl and the material with which it was made, allow, quickly and hygienically, the collection of urine for medical tests.

Your dog likes it and it is comfortable for you

Easily transportable and disinfectable thanks to the comfortable handle. Its shape has been studied to satisfy the physiological needs of the male dog and guarantee the hygiene of the sorrounding environment.

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