Pippi is a sanitary device made in Italy which allows your male dog to pee also in the home environment.

Pippi brings together hygiene, practicality, comfort and design in a single object. Beyond the fact that it comes from the love for animals, it wants to be an aid to humans, by solving definitively the fear of not having time to bring out their own bau.

Pippi respects the natural behavior of the males. As you know, the male always chooses verticality for its physiological needs, be it a pole or a tree, verticality allows him to raise the paw and in this way to satisfy his instinct of territoriality, a factor which gives satisfaction and happiness to the dog himself. The studies carried out for the realization of the Pippi have taken this need into consideration: Pippi offers to male dogs just what they want, that’s why they will be happy to pee!

The measures contained (36 cm x 28 cm) allow an easy collocation indoors or outdoors. The bowl, 6 cm high, is perfect for containing dog urine without letting it escape.

The handle located in the upper part of the Pippi allows an easy transport and an easy sanitation. Pippi is made of water-repellent, anatoxic and strong teeth proof material , it is easily washable, with a few gestures under a jet of water and without coming into contact with the dog’s urine. It is usable until wear.

Its shape, in addition to respect verticality, important for our male doggie, has been studied to be located also outdoors and to avoid the overturning caused by weathering.

It has been perfectly studied and made, paying particular attention to the animal’s welfare.

Improve your dog’s welfare

Holding physiological needs is not healthy for the animal. The special use of the sanitary device allows the dog to to pee freely, not having to comply with the exit times.

Definitive and economic solution

Washable and usable until wear, the sanitary device will safeguard your home environment from your doggie’s pee.

Useful for veterinarians

Its revolutionary shape with the bowl and the material with which it was made, allow, quickly and hygienically, the collection of urine for medical tests.

Your dog likes it and it is comfortable for you

Easily transportable and disinfectable thanks to the comfortable handle. Its shape has been studied to satisfy the physiological needs of the male dog and guarantee the hygiene of the sorrounding environment.

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