The dog will avoid to dirty your furniture and the environment.
He will keep the instinct of territoriality.
He will not have to hold physiological needs, avoiding urinary tract diseases and infections.
You will not feel guilty if you can’t guarantee him exits at least every four hours.
During cold and rainy days, you will be able to enjoy the domestic warmth.
It is a definitive and economic solution.

Its small size allows the correct use, for small and medium sized male dogs.
It is also suitable to all puppies of all breeds, that instinctively raise their paw to pee.

It is preferable to wash it at least once a day.

No, even if some female dogs raise their paw, but it is an unusual behavior.

No, if it is washed regularly.

You always have to be careful about your bau, it has been studied and made with high-security systems.


No, out of Italy.

Yes, the product is covered by legal warranty.