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Improve your dog’s welfare

Holding physiological needs is not healthy for the animal. The special use of the sanitary device allows the dog to to pee freely, not having to comply with the exit times.

Definitive and economic solution

Washable and usable until wear, the sanitary device will safeguard your home environment from your doggie’s pee.

Useful for veterinarians

Its revolutionary shape with the bowl and the material with which it was made, allow, quickly and hygienically, the collection of urine for medical tests.

Your dog likes it and it is comfortable for you

Easily transportable and disinfectable thanks to the comfortable handle. Its shape has been studied to satisfy the physiological needs of the male dog and guarantee the hygiene of the sorrounding environment.

Improve your dog’s welfare

Pippi comes from the love for animals. From the respect of their physiological needs and from the need to solve the pee problem of the male dog. The dog has to pee every four hours, but what if we are not there? But what if he drank more? How can we ask him to hold the pee. And what if, poor dog, he needs to pee? Be it the floor, sofa or chair , for sure he will receive a scolding, which will mortify him.

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